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Celestial Bodies, Part 2

Celestial Bodies, Part 2

When I wrote the last post I didn’t realize that we would have a Venus eclipse a couple weeks later! The transit of Venus across the sun on Tuesday, June 5, was visible for a few good hours before the two set together, similar to the way the sun and moon set on May 20. This path-crossing of the love planet and its fiery star won’t be visible to us again until 2117.

I played with the colors in these image, both for fun and to highlight the layers of light the sun emitted. (It’s not often we get to inspect those, with or without Venus trailing across.) Here you can see the tiny looking planet on the very top when it first began to cross the sun mid-afternoon.

A close-up taken a few hours later with a telescopic lens:

This next one is my favorite photo I took of the Venus eclipse. The glow around the sun is its natural emitted light (although I altered the color):

And a couple more of the sun setting behind trees–Venus is already hiding behind the leaves.

All of these photos were taken in Palm Springs, CA.

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