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Celestial Bodies

Celestial Bodies

We’ve had some great celestial moments lately. The “supermoon” on May 5 was the largest full moon of the year, and yesterday’s solar eclipse was one that won’t come around again quite like this until 2071. Of course, these are great evenings for a photographer! Here are a few of my favorites I took of these remarkable sights.

The May 5 supermoon, taken in Yucaipa, California:

Sunny SoCal had a slice of sun missing between 5:16 and 7:33 pm on May 20. Here’s a series of four shots as the moon moved upward during the eclipse, also taken in Yucaipa, CA. (Unfortunately the “Ring of Fire” eclipse didn’t live up to its name here in Southern California; that view could only be seen in the very north of California and other lucky places like Reno and Albuquerque.)

In case you’re wondering why the sky looks black an hour before sunset, it’s because I used a neutral density (ND) filter (which is sort of like strong sunglasses for a camera) to make the sun viewable.

I couldn’t resist having some fun with the light and the sun’s temporary shape.

As photographers know well, the sun’s light is softer and more manageable around sunset. This goes not just for shooting portraits of people, but also taking actual pictures of the sun. While the sun and moon set together I could take more realistic shots of the sky’s color without such a strong ND filter, and I captured a sunset that I will never see again!

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