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Lunar Eclipse: Blood Moon

Lunar Eclipse: Blood Moon

Living in Palm Springs, CA means we don’t have too many cloudy nights. Needless to say, we had perfect viewing conditions of the total lunar eclipse last night.

The rare blood moon occurs when the moon passes completely through the Earth’s umbral shadow. The red hue comes from the refracted light that bends through Earth’s atmosphere, as the atmosphere scatters away blue light and lets the red light pass through. (This is also why sunsets are red.)

This was the first of four total lunar eclipses, called a tetrad, that will complete in September of 2015 and won’t happen again until 2032. According to NASA astrophysicists, the frequency of occurrences of lunar eclipses goes through a roughly 585 year cycle.

The next lunar eclipse is set to occur on October 8th. Until then, enjoy our photos of the blood moon, seen here with the blue giant Spica and red planet Mars.

Our photos of the Lunar Eclipse in the news!

USA Today has featured one of our shots! We’re slide #5 at this link:

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