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Macro Photography

Macro Photography

I love the concept of size relativity—the fact that we’re so tiny and so huge at the same time.  Macro photography gives us a glimpse of the latter, showing us familiar scenes around us from a bug’s-eye-view.  I recently bought a macro lens and have really enjoyed exploring this magnified perspective.

Once you get started with macro photography, you begin to see everything in new ways and notice things you’d otherwise pass over completely.  One day I was at home and noticed a tiny sliver of light coming through the window.  It made a miniature rainbow on my bedroom sheet.

Another colorful sliver was on the carpet.

I probably wouldn’t have thought anything of those little light streams before I got my macro lens.

You can capture magnified shots of other already-small things too, like this burning incense stick.

Even dusty computer wires take on a new look!

My macro lens does a nice job of focusing on a central point and blurring the outer edges of the photo.  For the computer wire picture, I enhanced this feature by also leaving the shutter open for a moment and twisting the camera a little.  But another great possibility of macro photography is being able to see amazing texture detail.  I’ve always liked the textured look of tree bark, but now I love it!

In Palm Springs, as in many other cities in Southern California, there are lots of opportunities for beautiful pictures with palm trees.  (This one’s a little closer than most.)

Now I stop at every other tree I walk by to take a closer look!  I love the detailed layers of this tree’s bark:

And, of course, macro photography is great for bug portraits.

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