Microsoft Sweeps Season 4 of the After Hours Gaming League Grand Final

Microsoft Sweeps Season 4 of the After Hours Gaming League Grand Finals

Microsoft Sweeps Season 4 of the After Hours Gaming League Grand Finals

After Hours Gaming League

Microsoft dominated After Hours Gaming League (AHGL) this year and took first place in both the League of Legends and StarCraft II finals. The finals were hosted at Red Bull’s headquarters in Santa Monica, California and hosted by Day 9.

League of Legends

The first series of the day saw Microsoft going against team Amazon. After nearly an hour of battle, Microsoft came out on top, winning a $5,000 donation to their charity of choice, Charity Water, a non-profit focused on bringing clean water to the world. Team Microsoft then went up against Team Riot, the makers of League of Legends. After stumbling in the beginning, Microsoft appeared to be making a come back and nearly won 45 minutes later. But with a gutsy move to destroy Riot’s base with 4 of their team respawning, time ran out and the entire Microsoft team was killed. Before Microsoft could respawn, Riot was able to destroy the remainder of Microsoft’s base.

As part of an annual tradition, Blizzard co-founder, Michael Morhaime, brought StarCraft II themed cupcakes to pass the time between finals. And they were delicious.

StarCraft II

But everyone at Red Bull HQ in Los Angeles this past Saturday was there for one reason: the Star Craft II finals. And they were epic. Microsoft was undefeated in the semifinals, and finished 4-1 in the grand finals, winning $5,000 for their charity of choice, Against Malaria. The only loss on the day was Microsoft’s team captain, Bey, versus National Instrument’s BanjoIsland. (It’s a very nice island, and everyone is welcome. There are many homes with lots of Windows.) The other matches were equally as exciting. I’d have to say the most notable was when caster Rotterdam insisted on meeting Wraithlol because of his massive cheese–building his second base immediately next to his opponent, and starving him of resources. Also of note, Peter Miller extended his winning streak to 17-0.

I’d also like to point out, fellow Chemistruck Photographer, Chemzoar, was on standby for team Microsoft should one of the starter’s carpal tunnel flare up.


Enjoy a few photos from the event below!

Update 1/7/2016

Playboy featured one of our photos in an eSports article:
(Portions of the site are obviously not safe for work.)

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